Pathogen Surveillance

We combine pathogen genomics with epidemiology to track emerging pathogens, particularly viruses that cause outbreaks. We believe that there are gaps in the ability to scale and provide timely pathogen surveillance with existing frameworks. We have create a complete end-to-end framework for pathogen surveillance which lends itself to scale, integration, and timely reporting. We are testing this framework with two projects.


1.Targeted surveillance of SARS-CoV-2 in Karnataka

• Statewide targeted surveillance for SARS-CoV-2 in wastewater and got the approval for the first phase of this project from the Government agencies in Karnataka.

• Targeted surveillance to check for entry and spread of new variants by targeting travel hot spots – starting with the two international airports and a combination of targeted locations such as Apartment complexes and urban slums.
• A robust end-to-end surveillance system starting from autosamplers for sample collection, standardized method for storage and shipment, quick turn around with standardized process controls, sequencing and bioinformatics for new variants, an integrated dashboard for all the wastewater surveillance efforts and a streamlined reporting process to the public health agencies.
• This surveillance system can be leveraged for multiple other pathogens and becomes a part of the overall public health capability towards pandemic preparedness.
• This system can be leveraged to improve health outcomes in vulnerable communities by active surveillance for outbreaks.
• Expand to other States

2.Dynamics of vector borne flaviviruses in Karnataka

Forecasting outbreaks of human disease